All in the name of racing 

Well I am pleased to report that Luca improved and we are now in Samoens. Luca has inherited his fathers appetite which can be described as ‘feed me always’, it was so off putting to see him hardly picking at food, but we are back on track and two of them will be growling at each other like Tigers to get the last scraps very soon.

The trip here was incredible, it amazes me on such a large continent how the landscape can change so dramatically in such a short time. That doesn’t even go to decsribe the cultural and architectural changes that we noticed on the drive. We were packed up tight and it was a case of timing to fit Luca in.

Luckily the night before we had the pleasure of helping Matteo celebrate his birthday, which was an incredible BBQ in a very magical spot. Even though we were typical kiwis eating early and leaving before most of the guests arrived, Luca had a late night which meant him playing sleep catch up on the car trip. (Perfect)

Luca learning the ropes

The view from the BBQ spot

Back to the trip to France, I was more fussed on getting Luca better than researching where we were going so I was very pleasantly surprised when after climbing up a beautiful valley I looked up to see Monte Bianco/Mont Blanc. I have seen it from afar but never up close. We then lost the view fairly quickly as we ducked into the tunnel, but it was equally as breath taking as we popped out on the other side.

We are now settled into our chalet and on the countdown for racing to start. Luca had his first experience in a chair lift in Les Gets today which he thought was pretty cool.

The brilliant view that greeted me bright and early when Luca woke today. (Admittedly I did take this later when the sun was a little higher)

My poor little brain is struggling through, I keep trying to speak to people in my strangled Italian, to then recognise their confused expression, try to correct myself in French (which is terrible) and then give up to speak English. Which most people speak excellently here. Haha imagine if I was going to America with Justin next week, I can only imagine what I would come out with!!
Not that Justin needs luck for this weekend, it comes down to hard work, skill and sheer determination, but, I do have all my fingers and toes crossed! Go smash that mountain tiger!

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