Family history hunt 

Well time has flown by so quickly it has been a wonderful experience here and we have managed to fit a long into our time here. 
We had lunch in Mdina which is has been my favourite place. The walled city is perched on top of a hill and I really did catch my breath when I first saw it. The streets were quiet, tight, cobbled and winding, the town is still mostly residential and I think this helps in keeping the visitors respectful and the mainstream shops out. 

We managed to see two paintings in the cathedral painted by my great great great grandfather which was very special. They are very impressive works, shame that artistic skill skipped me. 

The view from our restaurant was breathtaking and we were then treated to wonderful tea and cake in a old residence which has been converted into a museum and restaurant. Like a lot of the grand houses here, hidden behind the front door was a wonderful courtyard, full of colour and water features. 

The following day we had a rather long and frazzled journey on the looser cruiser aka bus to the top of the island to catch the ferry to Gozo. The ferry itself was great and Gozo was very interesting. It is much smaller and more rural than the main island. We spent the day in Rabat (Victoria) the main town. We again had a wonderful lunch on top of the citadel taking in the great views on offer. 

 Following this we went on a little wild goose chase to find the house my great grandmother was born in. After a couple of false starts and some rather hot and grumpy exchanges we managed to find the house. Unfortunately there seemed to be a very unappealing welcoming party of mangy cats. I was not endeared to then at all and kept a very warm eye to make sure they didn’t try settle in near Luca. 

  It was then time to repeat the homeward adventure back in the looser cruiser which resulted in a very tired and grumpy Luca and I. The events of the day out did mitigate the public transport fun and all in all it was a great family history hunting couple of missions. 

It might of been the heat but I found these toilets terribly amusing, good luck getting to them! At least you know there wouldn’t be too much of a que for them. 


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