One year old 

Move over Independence Day the 4th of July has far more significant meaning in our household. It is Lucas birthday and yesterday was his first birthday. 

The frosty Christchurch morning he was born feels like forever ago and yesterday! 

I will say all the cliche things like how has time gone so quickly, I can’t believe my little baby is getting so big and what have I done with my last year?!

Well he has managed to fit a fair bit into his first year already. Moved house 5 times, attended Enduro World Series races, travelled overseas, helped with the business. 

We carried on his birthday celebrations in the usual style, he got dragged along on our adventures. He got to start his day with French toast (never a bad start to the day) although he is not sharing his enthusiasm in this photo.

We were told it is Maltese tradition on a first birthday to lay out items such as a stethoscope, calculator, hammer ect and to see which item the child is drawn to. This will then guide their future, it is an interesting theory and I wonder if it more influences the parents guidence of the children or is just some good old fashioned fun. Anyway we didn’t do it because I didn’t have a mountain bike, F1 car, golf clubs or sailing boat handy. 

We kept it pretty simple as far as gifts went, I am not one for buying things just for the sake  of it. Luca was terribly pleased with his balloons, stacking cups and floaty rings for in the sea. He was even more impressed with the boxes that they came in.  

My how he has turned into such a little dude! 

One thought on “One year old 

  1. Happy Birthday Luca. You have had a pretty busy first year! Give a big splodgy kiss and hug to your gorgeous mama from me. Xx


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