Now this seems slightly ridiculous but I have chosen to not look into it too heavily. 

We are currently in Malta on holiday. What, holiday…? Why on earth am I on one of them when everyday feels like a holiday? 
Anyway the opportunity came up to come here with my Grandparents, Aunt and youngest cousin. Most of the purpose of this trip is to put a place to the name. My grandmother has strong connections here and a family history spanning back generations. I have always heard her speak so fondly of the place and couldn’t wait to come and see it for myself. 

Flying over, the islands look breathtaking. Very dramatic cliffs erupted out of the water marking the start of Gozo (the top island) it looked surprisingly barren flying over expect the magnificent villages and historical buildings scattered everywhere. 
On arrival I was a little disappointed that I didn’t have an ‘ah ha’ moment and suddenly feel deeply connected with my family history here. I was just pleasantly curious. It is a crazy fusion of cultures spanning back thousands of years. The language sounds like Italian mixed with Arabic and the written language looks completely foreign. 

  The incredible sunrise this morning 
Today we had a wonderful day in Valetta, we caught the ferry there, wandered up the hill through a film set no less. We then had lunch in the same cafe that my great great and great great great grandparents dined in.  
Following this we took a fascinating amble through the archeological museum which included a quote from my great great great grandfather who was involved in the excevation of archeological artefacts in the early 1900’s. 

 It was then time for gelato in the upper barrakka garden which we timed perfectly for the ceremonial 4pm time gun. The views from the top were breathtaking.  

 Luca found the heat and stimulation all a little much by this time and promptly passed out.  

  I’m fascinated by the amazing array of front doors and veranders throughout the old streets. Different areas show such vast snippets of the melting pot of history and influences which have been at play here. 

It was then time for home, a dip in the sea to cool down and out for dinner. Bring on the next family fact finding adventure. 

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