Now I would hate for my last post to come across like a whinge fest. There are so many amazing things about this place I can’t even fit them into a succinct list but I will share a few
– The food, it blows my mind! They have perfected how things are meant to be prepared and served. Nothing is fussy and over the top, nothing is highly refined and processed. It is good simple wholesome fresh from the garden food served in its best form. …. Wait does that sounds like some fad new diet? 

  Luca enjoying lunch 
Last weekend my grandparents arrived which is so wonderful to have them here and share our little adventure with them. Plus Luca loves having more people to dote on him. Anyway we had the pleasure of lunch at our local restaurant. Now this was no small affair, there was a brilliant collective of about 20 friends and family. Lunch went for 4 hours and every course was incredible. There must of been half a dozen antipasto, pasta courses, meats, salad, fish and desserts, followed by the olbigatory rounds of espresso and limoncello. I got lost somewhere in the middle, unsure if we were up to the first of the second course, last of the first or second of the second. Needless to say I managed to fit it all in and it was incredible. 
-The weather, now I hate to rub it into you at home but my goodness you just can’t beat it. 30 degrees everyday. My hardest decision in the morning is which pair of shorts to put on. 
-Being closer to Justin. Nothing like cutting out a 2 day round the world commute to put a smile on your dial!  

-The scenery, sometimes it is just being away from home that you find even the most mundane things are breathtaking and so far my rose tinted glasses haven’t worn off. I can’t get enough of this incredible marriage of old and new.  


-The people, I still haven’t woken up fluent in Italian yet, but that doesn’t stop the communication. People are so friendly and willing to share their piece of the world with you it, makes it feel just that bit more homely.

  ok. so I haven’t actually met this woman she is Romanian and the photo is from National Geographic , but it pretty much sums it up!  


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