Me overreacting… Never. I went for a walk this week on a mountain trail with Luca, we were up bright and early and set off on our gentle amble. I possibly got a bit lost which wasn’t really much of a problem until the trail turned into a meadow with a single track through the middle of the lush long grass. Well three steps in and what did I nearly stand on…. I squealed so loudly, jumped around like a woman possessed and was offered moral support by Luca in the form of him cackling at me. This happened a couple more times with varying sized reptiles. Now Justin has told me on several occasions that they won’t bite unless I put my hand in their mouths but still there is something about it that each time I cant help but overact. I spent the rest of the trail stamping so loudly with each step, telling the snakes very clearly what I thought of them and for good measure throwing rocks ahead in any ‘snakey’ looking spots.

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