Brief update

A brief recap since Justin got home, we have moved into our apartment which is fantastic. It has great views down the valley, it is surprisingly spacious for a European house, including two bathrooms and a full sized bath (unheard of).

This is the view from the shower.... not too bad

This is the view from the shower…. not too bad

It took quite a bit of work to get it up to scratch and a slightly nervous me at first as to what we were moving into. The initial visit I had that cold sinking feeling when I stepped through the door. The family that lived here before us gave this place a pretty hard time and it looks like they left in a hurry. So much so they left their used plasters on the floor, food in the cupboards, hair in the plugs and the remains of the last 6 months on the floor. It was filthy, but a good bit of elbow grease, plenty of cleaning products, days with the windows open and those terrible scent diffusers have seen the house improve considerably.

Luca loves the place as there are little single and double stairs scattered around, he has had a few face dives off them and the eggs are slowly settling down but he is constantly hopping up and down.

We have been making the most of the great weather and had a couple more missions to the beach. We have also been to visit some of the local attractions in the area and Justin got dragged around the museum, which was very interesting if not a little challenging with a wriggling babe in arms.

Last week we had the magical experience of attending our first Sagra which is a dinner put on a local village. The one we attended was in the neighbouring village and although we missed the initial church service it appeared we weren’t the only ones. It was amazing you arrived into the church yard to dozens of trestle tables set up, music and tents wafting out the most amazing smells. It was a perfect balmy night and we managed to get a spot under one of the old olive trees surrounding the yard. We were looking back towards our village and down the valley to the sun setting. It was a very orderly affair, clearly the hundreds of years that they have been running these they have figured out what works. You selected your menu option, which of course we chose the three courses, paid up and got your docket for each tent to collect your meal. First up we had an appetiser of small balls of fried bread called Focaccini, then you got to choose your pasta course, ravioli in beef ragu = amazing. Second course was your meat dish, I had the salsiccia, which is a delicious pork sausage seasoned with herbs and spices and rolled up like a bratwurst but much smaller. Then like every good Italian dinner if was finished with Panna Cotta. It was amazing to be sitting outside on a perfect night surrounding by local families and neighbours catching up, sharing stories and starting to get into the karaoke. Luca had his first attempt at Italian night life, he made it up until 9 which was great. I am not sure if it is me as a mother or his personality trait but all the other babies just sat quietly taking it all in from the comfort of their pushchairs, but oh no not Luca. He was crawling along the church wall chasing ants, blowing raspberries, trying to eat stones, attacking our party with plastic knives and generally making his presence known. It was a gorgeous evening and a magical introduction to rural Italian village life.



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