Siamo arrivati – we have arrived

Well there was a period about 7 hours out of Singapore that if you had of asked me I would of said we wouldn’t make it…. But I checked that pessimist in and here we are. 

This was before we boarded in Singapore, that look says it all. 

I did wonder if I had spoken too soon, we had a bit of a frazzled second flight, but it wasnt anything that didnt pass. Luca decided that I offered a far more comfortable sleeping option than the bassinet, but I just savoured the wiggly cuddles. Minus the epic head slam in the middle of the night that I think cracked my nose. 

Before we left Singapore I phoned the airline to confirm that we had a bassinet, well that was a very fraught conversation. I have to admit that the lack of sleep got the better of me. When the man on the end of the phone told me he couldn’t change our seats at late notice, we didn’t have a bassinet and I should of requested one earlier, he released ‘assertive Tory’ (a new trait that was experienced by friends when we were in Africa. 

I told him in a very clipped and boarder line polite way that I had in fact requested the bassinet several months ago, had he ever travelled with a child by himself, of course he can change the seats and I would let him know in advance next time I was pregnant so we could request the seats in time for the flight. Funnily enough, after being put on hold, he could actually change the seats and managed to do it for the flight home too… Well would you look at that! 

Anyway we arrived into Milano to be greeted by the beautiful Gabby. After a drive to Genova and a mission into IKEA, we came away fed and with a new cot and associated baby paraphernalia. Luckly the car was small and packed to the gunnels so it limited my buying. 

It was then onto the village, which is breath taking. We had a wander around in the evening, Luca managed to woo the ladies and we checked out the gardens. It is exactly how I imagine a little mountainside Italian village to be, unspoiled and just going through its daily grind that it has for the last few hundred years. Our nights sleep left little to be desired, but hey you can’t expect miracles for the poor little baby, neither can you explain jet lag. 

This was my view from bed this morning, I woke being serenaded  by the magical blend of roosters, owls, frogs and a baby (last one not so magical)


Little lord Luca examine his new domain 

3 thoughts on “Siamo arrivati – we have arrived

  1. Well done Tory! It’s looks idyllic…bordering on picture postcard. Justin will be rapt to have you both there. Your posts always brighten my day – keep up the good work. Jude (BMC) xx


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