Projects in my spare time

I was recently asked while completing an application what my occupation was. I had to bite my tongue from saying “Just a mum”. What…. when did being a mum ever need a ‘just’ in front of it? I was shocked as to where this sense of apologetic justification came from, to explain my current and most gruelling job. I am pleased to say, however, that I can tick the occupation box of ‘home maker’ while also technically ‘project manager’ and the second is the much easier role.

Like many people I like to have a couple of pots on the boil at once and I am so proud to see my latest project come to fruition. I can in no way, shape or form claim too much credit solely for this, It has been a team effort by a lot of wonderful people.

Red brick classic

I am hoping that the house sale gods smile kindly on us again and we see someone snaffle this home up to be theres fairly shortly. It was pretty cool to drive down the street and see our red brick house standing out amongst the other brown, beige and neutral coloured houses in the street. Sometimes you can’t beat the classics.

If your in the market or know someone who is make sure you swing by next Sunday and check it out

Photos courtesy of Bayleys Canterbury

Photos courtesy of Bayleys Canterbury

 Snip20150525_5 Snip20150525_4 Snip20150525_3 Snip20150525_2

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