Countdown to summer

Well we have been having some brilliant Autumn days recently, the leaves are all turning beautiful copper shades and the vineyards are glowing rows of yellow. We have had a couple of good frosty mornings and merino wool is living up to its wonderful reputation as the warmest layers. To help with the adjustment to the cooler weather we got a brilliant delivery from Mons Royale recently and I can’t speak highly enough of their product. I am even converted to merino underwear, something I thought was originally reserved for onsie wearing hermits.

However, I can honestly say that I have no eager anticipation of the winter to come, we are on the countdown. It is less that two weeks until we are Italy bound. I am currently swinging in my mind between ‘oh wow we are moving to Italy next week’ followed by a smug smirk and serene sigh, and ‘OH MY GOSH WE ARE MOVING TO ITALY, WWWWHHHHAAATTTT?’ followed by panicked gasps and nausea. Luckily the first feeling seems to be far more frequent than the second.

Luca seems oblivious to the coming move, however is having a great time helping me pack, unpack and then just putting himself into the bags. Justin left last week, and we are now going through a slightly amusing stage of every time we are at the supermarket Luca will point at multiple men and say Dada.


If anyone has any sound advice for travelling with small and very active little person it is greatly appreciated. At the moment I plan on having hand luggage full of toys and food, and if we get some sleep that is a bonus. Gone are the days of a big glass of wine and an eye mask for 12 hours.

2 thoughts on “Countdown to summer

  1. Hiya Tory. Just wanted to wish your little family all the best for your time in Italy. Me??…jealous???…don’t be silly!! I’m sure Luca will have every member of the air crew well and truly charmed to bits before you leave NZ so you will be able to relax with that wine and your eye mask after all – well at least for 5 minutes anyway. Take care and travel safely. Jude xxx


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