Onwards and upwards

Well life has been a little hectic to say the least.

I have had such kind words from people wanting to check that everything is ok in light of our selling our house.

I can say that everything is dandy, we have a solid reputation as a transient family and we are just making sure that we live up to it. Not really, we just saw an amazing opportunity in buying another property here in Marlborough (a couple of valleys over from where we were) and thought we would test the waters with selling our house. We were in a fortunate position, that we didn’t have to sell, which always takes the pressure off. I am a firm believer in if things are meant to happen they will, which was the case with our place, the first open home was on Sunday and we accepted an offer Monday afternoon.

We have now sold up, moved out and are back to our usual pikey ways staying in a book-a-bach until we fly out to Europe. We won’t move into our new house until we get back at the end of the season. The new house isn’t so new it is an 1880’s villa. I entertained the idea for about 5 minutes of returning the old girl into her former glory, but the capitalist in me took over and it is the land the really holds the value. We will eventually rebuild on the site but I don’t think we will end up staying there for too long. One day we will find a place that we stay in for longer than a summer!

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, if I had of known that we were going to be selling our house so soon, I don’t think I would have invested quite so much emotionally into its finishing. It was rather sad to say goodbye to our house and plans for the land and more so to leave the breathtaking views.


We managed to achieve so much from this simple block of land that we originally saw, into a home for a family


But on the upside our departure overseas is rapidly approaching, just over a month until we go. I keep thinking that one morning by some miracle I will wake up fluent in Italian but it hasn’t happened yet, I’m sure with a lot of sign language and slow loud speaking we will get by.

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