Eating bees is not nutritious

Time for a Luca update, I could bore you everyday with his little achievements but that may get slightly repetitive.

I can say that the little man has championed through his fourth house move, that is quite a few in his very short life span to date. He is crawling at the rate of knots, walking around furniture no problem, although not stable enough to stand for longer than a few seconds but he is looking like he will bust out a sprint any second.

He is the proud owner of four very effective teeth. I remember as a child a lady who lived in our street had turtles, she used to let us feed them but she would always say don’t let your fingers linger or they will bite them and it is your own fault. There was a sense of wonder, apprehension, achievement and terror when you were able to get them to eat the food. This is a similar feeling to putting your fingers near Lucas’ mouth, linger too long and you will have a little four tooth imprint. The worst thing is he then gives you a terribly devious grin afterwards and will crack up laughing.

This was helping to mow the lawns

This was helping to mow the lawns

He has been a resident assistant in the tidy and pack up of our house, not much seems to phase the child which bodes well for the adventures we are about to embark on. The other weekend we were down the sounds and stayed in the boat while Justin was free diving (a very productive haul of Crayfish and exceptionally large Paua). Once Luca got over his intense dislike of the lifejacket he then took to shouting at the boys in the water. If they moved to far from the boat the shouting got louder, I’m not sure if that is particularly helpful land attracting the marine wildlife but it was very entertaining for me.


Still not very happy about the lifejacket at this stage

We had our first encounter with wildlife that bites back a couple of weeks ago, Luca was poddling around as usual at home when I heard a dreaded blood curdling scream followed by a buzzing. The poor little guy had picked up a bumble bee and thought that it looked good enough to eat. Unfortunately/fortunately  the bee had other ideas and only stung Luca once, but right in the middle of his top lip. He settled down soon enough, although I had a few neurotic moments waiting to see if he was going to have any allergic reaction and calculating the time it would take the ambulance to get out to us. It is amazing how all of my training and knowledge seemed to vanish for a few moments while I was just another anxious mum.  Luca didn’t seem too phased by the ordeal and was back to normal the following morning. Perhaps the bee venom is the next collagen though…..

Trout pout

                     Trout pout 

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