Little meat head

Well the little man is still a fungi and growing so quickly. Unfortunately he is teething at the moment but is being a trooper through it all. He has taken to swimming with great delight and even had time to flirt with one of the other little girls in his class last week. Typical boy, splashing her in the face. He is crawling so quickly, pulling himself up on everything and anything, including the windows much to my delight, given I just cleaned them. He has even taken a few rather shaky moments not holding onto anything, but he gets so distracted beaming about it that he falls over. That child will be running just in time for our adventure to Italy in June! There have been a few occasions where clearly he has said Mama, but I think it has been more fluke than intentional. He is a right little motor mouth when he wants to be and it is the sweetest sound. The other day we were out in the backpack and I couldn’t help but notice the similarity of him and a May Gibbs, gumnut baby, what do you think? (Sungglepot or cuddle pie?)


He has managed to get his first sponsorship deal (not really) Adidas Eyewear were so kind and sent him out the cutest pair of shoes. They are so handy and stay on which is a miracle, plus he looks like a bit of a dude in them.


Since we moved in we haven’t had the television connected, which has been great, I haven’t missed it at all.  Hardly deprived by this, Luca has found other appliances in the house which can provide just as much entertainment.


(I just need to train him to load and hang it)

Pretty much he is just cruising along like the happy little man that he is, if not a wee bit of a meat head at times


(he put and kept the ham on there for quite a while)


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