I just came in from mowing the lawn, I’m not sharing this with you because it was a magical evening without a breath of wind, or that the heavenly scent of freshly cut grass and 2stroke fuel was lingering or because my endorphins are now surging through my body. I’m simply telling you because I have a lawn that I can mow, a lush, green sit on it and have a picnic, play rough and tumble then scrub off the grass stains lawn, and I love it! I only managed to mow the top of one of the irrigation sprinklers (sorry Justin, I’ll get it fixed before you get home and you won’t even know).

Anyway, it has been all go around here, the mission has been on to get the landscaping complete and my goodness it looks like a different place. All the gardens have been weed matted, (it was rather frustrating to retrospectively place the mat over my gung-ho planting along the pathway) over 100 more grasses and ground cover natives have been planted and 16 cubic meters of stones have been placed. I won’t go as far as to say lovingly placed, because the first 4 cubic meters were shovelled by me and a wheelbarrow and there was nothing loving about it. I don’t think I have worked that hard physically for a long long time. I would have another baby rather than ever do that again. It got to the point that I came out in the morning, saw the giant piles of stone leering at me outside and I felt like crying. Luckily on Thursday I enlisted the help of family and the very handy Jim from Multidig in Marlborough (top bloke) and managed to get the remaining stones scattered around the garden. It has come up great, it now looks like a beautiful native riverbed, just rather lost up on top of a hill.

IMG_5452 IMG_5455 IMG_5473 IMG_5492

My office has also been wallpapered and has come up so well, it makes paying bills somehow a little more tolerable when you can sit in a nice room to do it.


A quick progress report on the cows, (turns out I was inflicting my gender ignorance onto them, they aren’t just girls). We are getting pretty friendly, I don’t quite have them eating out of my hand but they will follow me around and are terribly lovely. I even set up my first break fence this week (3 intact) and enticed them into the top paddock to eat it down a bit. After a bit of tweaking and advice I did manage to keep them out of the pond and away from the native trees at the bottom. (For those of you from farming backgrounds cringe away, and for those of you townies, a break fence is a temporary electric fence). Anyway I have been feeling thoroughly capable if not a little manic doing all of this while Justin has been away, plus I have had additional help from Luca.

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