More hours in the day

Well a lot has happened since I updated the page!

Firstly an update on the house

Things are starting to feel like home, although I still do have frantic episodes of furniture moving. It has been so hot that I have loved throwing all the doors open and enjoying the full indoor outdoor flow that the house has to offer. Justin the clever man finished the Florida room which has come up fantastically. We have already had some magical nights in there enjoying the BBQ and wonderful deck. It feels like you are overlooking your own valley, there are no lights and only stars (plus a few bugs once it gets dark).

IMG_5385 IMG_5369 IMG_5203 IMG_5320

IMG_5421 IMG_5426

The Lawn:

We have a lawn and its not too shabby, a few weeds but I have seen far worse. Luca and I had our first sit on it today. He promptly decided to try and eat it but that is ok, there are worse things for him to consume.

From this….

IMG_4910 IMG_5081 IMG_5089 IMG_5170

To this….IMG_5428

That’s a bit lush!

We have also had our first experience of fires in a dry summer. I woke up at 4am to feed Luca and looked out the window bleary eyed to see our whole skyline in flames. Unfortunately in the dark it actually did look like it was our hills on fire, all I can say is the man who was on the end of the 111 call was so kind and patient. The fire was on the other side of the valley and there was a river between us so we were pretty safe, still a very unpleasant feeling.


I know I said in the last post I wouldn’t be doing any more furniture restoration and low and behold what have I just finished…. two bedside tables. It was a pretty minor case of repainting and ordering some new handles, but I am pretty pleased with the finished product. I thought it would be pretty cool to make his and hers, needless to say the deer handles are Justins’.


Old on the left and new ones on the right, the are the same colour but just show up differently in the light.

I had two weeks with Justin away at a race and it meant a bit of spare time up my sleeve. I spent hours borrowing dirt, filling in the gardens, planning and planting out the gardens. Im pretty pleased with the results, but not it is just a case of waiting for things to grow.

IMG_5225 IMG_5175 IMG_5314 IMG_5333

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