New addition

One of the things I love about Justin is his fierce determination. So when I suggested last week that we get a goat to keep the weeds around the fences down it was no surprise he suggested he could catch one. My Grandmother was staying and she voiced her doubts in his ability, as did his Dad and Uncle. However, Justin proved them wrong and was terribly proud to ring and ask me to pick up a collar while I was in town, as he had a live goat which needed one.

IMG_5067Curry as he has now been named is settling in well and has graduated from the dog kennel to a peg beside the house. It has already proven a little confusing as a bleating goat sounds surprisingly like a crying child. I am not sure if they set each other off but I will keep my ear on this one.

Charlie the dog has taken an instant liking to Curry and is very keenly guarding him, much to Curry’s objections. Today I caught Charlie licking Curry, I am not sure if this was in a supportive, mothering way or more of a you look delicious and I just need to have a small taste.


The addition of Curry has given Charlie some pleasant relief as he spent the whole of last week with his head stuck under the deck looking for a baby rabbit which had ducked under there over a week ago (ever the optimist is Charlie). He was so fixated on tracking this rabbit down that no one noticed he had climbed underneath the deck. This was fine until the digger which was levelling out top soil around the deck completely covered all of his exits up. It was until a while later that we heard him yelping and realised where he was stuck.

IMG_5034 IMG_5036

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