A lesson in … I’m not sure what really

Lately I have found that living out of town has let be me far more comfortable in my own skin. Most days are spent in shorts, singlet and gumboots with no make up on and hair that leaves little to be desired. (Lucky my husband loves me for my great personality) For those that know me from work I hope this is a far cry on how I presented myself. Today was the day to knock this slack behaviour on the head and make an effort, I dug out a dress, washed my hair (straightening was a bit far) put on some lippy and was planning to go to town to catch up with a friend and have a coffee. Plus drop in our coffee grinder which gave up the ghost this morning. Serious disaster.

Anyway as I went out to the truck I was greeted with the sight of the trailer from the hardware store still attached. It seemed logical that if I was going into town I might as well drop it off in the process. I then remembered that we had wood we needed to return, so it was ridiculous to not take that in as well.

So here were my best laid plains of arriving in town with an air of sophistication slowly diminishing. I loaded the 3.6-meter long planks onto the trailer and then took to stropping them down. I have never tied a strop in my life so gave myself a rapid lesson. During this I had a screaming baby who was not assisting the process or helping in the knot tying and it was about 27 degrees. I was a perspiring, crazy haired mess by this stage. In the end I figured the knots I know how to tie, can hold boats so surely they can hold some planks of wood.

I took a step back and admired my handy work, I love a bit of a challenge, and although this doesn’t sound like much it was a bit of an unexpected mission for the morning. I got in the truck and turned it on, at that moment I remembered…. It is Saturday the bloody hardware shop is shut until Monday. Time to unhook and unload the trailer.

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