Well we have been working hard to tick the jobs off the list. It just seems unfortunate that the list must have some fungi spores on it, cause it keeps growing over night (much like the small child in our house).

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/845/78384324/files/2015/01/img_4856.jpg Since this photo Justin has perfected his skills and painted the fence too.

The house is starting to feel like home and it seems a little less unusual coming back to it every time. We have had the absolute pleasure of having family and friends staying over the holidays which helped break the house in and meant a chance to see so many lovely people. Marlborough has put on her finest summer weather and despite rain on New Years Eve the grass looks to be dried to a crisp. Number one job is to set up irrigation so we can support the natives, get the fruit trees in and do something with the dust bowl surrounding the house. Unless we wanted to go for a moonscape look, in which case we can leave it as is.

While unpacking some stray boxes I found this insightful page in an assignment I did within my first term of studying nursing some 10 years ago. I’m a little concerned at my lack of intellectual, career and academic aspirations at the time but oh well. Move over womans weekly 2015 horoscopes you have competition.


In my wisdom and attempt to save money I gave myself a project. The restoration of an old chair I found in the house we rented. It was one of those brilliant sleep deprived, slightly manic moments where it seemed like a great simple plan. It has been a fairly constant work in progress but I am pretty happy with the finished product. I just need to finish its partner now!






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