Merry Christmas

Well here we are nearly at the New Year with Christmas but a food stuffed memory behind us. We had an amazing day which we made a point of keeping as stress free as possible. A beautiful breakfast cooked for us, which was a divine gift in itself. Followed by an epic family lunch at our house. It was so nice to be able to share our home and check out the Florida room doing its thing in the baking sun. One of the best thing about the indoor outdoor flow seemed to be the ability for the water bombs to travel freely!

Justin, Luca the dogs and I then went on a family mission into the wilderness to check out a new hunting spot. This was the most brilliant contrast of our day. From the full hustle of Christmas to the complete isolation of being off the beaten track. It was an amazing day and of course Mr Luca was far too cute and absolutely spoilt!!




Key points from Christmas
-There is always too much food
-Havoc ham is amazing
-The wrapping paper is still the best gift for a baby
-Kids make Christmas awesome!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and safe travels x

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