Organised chaos

Well at least I am trying to convince myself we are living in organised chaos. I have been frantically unpacking, as this time of year means lots of wonderful visitors. If I don’t get it done straight away I’m sure it will get parked on the ‘to do one day, never’ list.
Luca seems to be settled in and thriving with the warm weather. Another tooth made is presence known this week and he is steaming through the solids. The lucky boy has been appreciating the summer fruits and it’s been cool to see him and Justin sharing their love of food.



I have found ways of getting stuff done with him in tow and he is usually pretty cooperative. We have even managed to put palings on the fence, clean the windows and plant some herbs. Although my back is a little worse for wear, that child isn’t light.


All in all it’s life as usual, I’m just in denial it is Christmas this week!!

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