My dream house

Well this is exciting! I love the fact that this room is starting to come together just how I imagined it. The furniture arrived yesterday and the brilliant assembly team worked their magic today.



There are still the finishing touches to go but this just makes my day.

The fireplace is finished, it just needs the awful tv to be placed above it. I am so happy with how it has come up, there is even a crazy part of me wishing cold weather just so we can light it


Of course there are priorities in this house, today while all the tradies were running around like crazy, Justin was quietly installing his bike hooks in the garage. I guess if they are in, I won’t have any reason to complain that they are lounging around in every room in our house! I won’t know what to do with myself, I have had 10 years with bikes in some form in the lounge, dining, bedroom.


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