Painting time

I have been waiting for this moment for so long. I walked walked into our place on Friday to just start squealing and jumping around! It was a very similar dance to my ‘greeting Justin at the airport hop’ but a little more contained and less tears. There is another coat to go but I am so pleased with how it has come up. Possibly a little bit Cruella de Vil, but absolutely how I imagined it to be. To say I am a happy camper is the understatement of the century.



One thought on “Painting time

  1. Lovely to see all your photos and hear you thinking aloud. Lucky you having to water the garden – here we have had nothing but rain and I am still in winter clothes. However Baba did garden with me and we got the lawn cut and the bank weeded with only a few casualties on the way. They will grow again! I turned on Skype this morning but you must be busy. How about tomorrow at 8 ish?
    XX Yaya – in case you didn’t know.


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