Jabs, jaws & jumping jacks

Well this week was a big one for Master Leov. He hit 5 months old (WHAT, how did that happen so quickly?) part of that right of passage was his immunisations. Given two days early because I hate recall so much I don’t want any other nurse to be having to do it. He attended his first wedding reception and was very well behaved, he even hung with the band for a bit out the back before their gig (what a rock star). His first tooth cut through (here’s hoping it stays up) and he turned into the prolific roly-poly machine. I think the endless rolling is more to do with his fabulous size which means once he starts he can’t stop. The food consumption is not abating thank goodness, and he has, today mastered the raspberry. Usually with a mouthful of brilliantly staining banana!

Ok so not quite jumping jacks, but not far from them!


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