Slow it down tiger

Something I have learnt about myself recently is that I love having far too many things on the go at once. Sometimes this works and I can juggle it perfectly and other times not so well. It’s that sense of pressure bubbling under the surface that drives me. What I need to remind myself is that not everyone runs at this pace, especially in the small town.
A hilarious example of this happened this morning:
Me ” ok can I please order this one”
Sales assistant “sure thing I’ll order it for you”
Me “how long does it usually take to get here”
Sales assistant “3-4 days if it’s in the country, otherwise 4 weeks”
Me “ok can I pay extra for an over night courier”
Sales assistant “sure if it’s in stock I’ll order it today and it should be here in 3 days, it has to come from Auckland”
Facetious me in my head “oh, Auckland why didn’t you say, it’s practically overseas”
Real me “can I get it any sooner?”
Sales assistant “yeah that is soon, it will be this week if it’s in stock”
Me “ok, I need it fairly promptly and if it’s not in the country don’t worry about ordering it”
Sales assistant “really, it will only be a few weeks”
Me “ok thanks, just let me know how you get on”

I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore Toto

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