Things are heading in the right direction

Justin has been hard at work on the deck and it is taking shape. The front door deck is all his own handy work, the back one was aided with some Justinx2 power which saw it flying along in the weekend.
These bad boys will be ready for a BBQ and some chilled refreshments before we know it. (Although maybe not at the front door, that is a little bit odd)



The floors are being ground as I type and we wait with bated breath to see how they come up. The painters have done their first spray and the Tiler is working his magic. Most exciting is the kitchen arriving tomorrow. Life is full of wonderful surprises, I got a call yesterday apologising that there had been a small problem at the factory and as a result I would have to have the higher spec cupboards….was I ok with this? Um yes I suppose that will do. Thanks Hagley Joinery you rock! Unfortunately the wallpaper I had chosen is no longer in stock in the country. Sorry, silly question but “why do you have it in the book to tease me?”




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