The ladies update

Well the girls are settling into the farm, the first night they felt the need to try and sample the Mudhouse 2015 Sauvignon. Fortunately they didn’t quite make it down to the vineyard.
They now have plenty of space to amble around in. I think there is a bit of neighbourly rivalry going on as the cows next door get a pond to wallow in, where ours are just teased with the sight of it on our property and all the tasty natives around.

I had a crash course on electric fence units, despite being very helpful, I’m not sure how seriously the salesman took me. After our fence discussion which I had a preprepared list of question for, he very sweetly pointed out that to complete the account application there were specific pages Justin would need to fill in. I bit my tongue and smiled sweetly, I don’t think he quite realised who runs this household!

You can see the brown cows peering enviously over the fence at the black one next to the pond

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