The journey vs. the end result

Last week saw me running to the door every 5 minutes to check if the courier had been and finally on Friday all my agitated impatience was rewarded.

I finally got to see this piece of work, I am such a girl and I was just so pleased that the colours look good on the outside. We don’t get to choose those.


(Unfortunately it did not come with the bubbles that was my own addition).

To say this has been long time in the making is an understatement. I started my postgraduate studies while we were living in Dunedin (around 4 years ago) and have slowly been slogging my way through, I now have a Masters in Health Science and a couple more pretentious letters to put behind my name. I remember having the conversation with Justin when we first moved to Christchurch, ‘should I start my masters or just wait’? We both agreed that knowing us and the crazy way that we roll it was agreed that it was better to keep up momentum and start it. If only I had some inkling of all the crazy things we were to do in that time, we managed to build and sell two houses, I had a couple of significant career progressions, I had that amazing jaunt in Africa with two incredible friends, I surprised Justin and went to Italy, was then pleasantly surprised when Luca came as a result of that, bought the land in Blenheim and then started the move up there. All in all my masters did suffer as a result of this, but it is now done and I have my name on a book. All be it, hardly a Whitcoulls best seller, but my work all the same.

Looking back at it I have had so many emotions through this whole process I cannot sum up in words how I have found it all (without writing another 35,000 words,) I don’t think I will ever be able to bring myself to read the thing again. As always if I was to do this again I would do it so differently but that is just life. Justin very tentatively asked the other day “are you planning on doing a PhD?” I can safely say no….. for now

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”
― Ernest Hemingway

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