Stop growing

How does time go so quickly? I do not know what happened to my tiny little new-born baby, I now have a very alert, active and terribly cute (I am unashamedly biased) little baby boy. Actually he is not so little he is a bit of a tank, but that is a good thing. He is now a roly-poly, laughing and grabbing little dude. It’s like he just wakes up some days and his brain has kicked into gear over night and he just has a new skill. I wish mine did that!

This weekend saw him try baby rice for the first time, and just like his dad he inhaled the whole lot. IMG_4473

Despite the unsure facial features on this photo of the second trial of rice, I get the feeling we won’t be having too many issues with food and this little man! Although nothing is given and I don’t want to live to regret saying that, so time will tell.



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