I have always been a home body and house proud, this instinct now seems to be amped up on steroids as we are getting closer to our place being finished. I now find myself searching through house porn on the internet, Instagram and magazines. I think I have a problem. While trying to manage this issue and keep things in check, I have also realised that I have champagne taste on a beer budget. Case in point; I wanted some wallpaper for in the office, the only designs that even remotely got close to what I was after came from the book which started at $300 per roll. (Not really a business expense I can justify to the accountant). I know that you get what you pay for and it is better to get quality in the first instance, as they say ‘the poor man pays twice’. But the poor man is probably poor because he bought curtains, wow! I have talked myself around and decided that we are going for a very minimalistic look in the house and curtains would really detract from this.

Something that I did purchase and now wait with bated breath for, is the office desk, from an awesome New Zealand company! I can say mine won’t look as clear or well dressed as the one below.


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