The girls down on the farm

Well we can now claim that we are farmers, or at least closer to it than we were before.

It has been a long story in the making firstly there was the mission of getting the fences put in as our land was just one big block. We decided to keep the paddocks pretty big at this stage as we haven’t really decided what we will have on the land, but knew there was a high chance it would be cattle. We got some troughs put in and the fencer came with his tractor to work his magic. All was going well until we got the phone call to say the tractor had slid down the hill, hit a bump and started rolling. It stopped at the bottom when the post driver dug into the ground. The driver was shot through the windscreen but thankfully uninjured. The tractor wasn’t so lucky.

   GetAttachment.aspx                 GetAttachment-1.aspx

GetAttachment-2.aspx                IMG_3007

Anyway once the remains of the tractor had been towed out by a digger it was on with the show and the fences were finished. The fences and troughs then sat and waited, and waited and waited, until today.

15 beautiful girls came to join us today, unfortunately not our own yet, we are just grazing the land but I still get to hang out with them. Although I might wait until they have settled down a little. They did not appear to enjoy their first truck ride and were rearing to go as it tried to back up to the ramp. After a lot of encouragement (maybe a bit too much) they bolted out the truck down the ramp, through the electric fence, down the gully and then as Justin tried to gently coax them back up the hill they looked at him and jumped over the bottom fence. I am pleased to say the 12 other cows did not follow suit, they exited the truck and toddled into their allocated paddock. I might leave them to settle down for a few days and then I’ll be down there to make friends with them.


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