New Skills

This week has seen Justin and I, although mostly Justin starting the decks. The concrete is being poured today and then it will be all go. Originally the house had ridiculously large decks drawn in around it, thank goodness we saw sense and minimised them.

It has been a great learning experience and polar opposite to my previous life. No more high heels and Ted Baker, I spent the week in gumboots and plaid.

New skills learnt:

  • How to use a drop saw
  • How to use a nail gun
  • How to use a laser level
  • How to try to manage a baby on a building site (this is by far the hardest one to master)

I think our site-safe board needs to be updated and warn of a baby on site. This can can cause loud noises, random movements, explosive bowel motions and understandable rattiness at being there. IMG_4362

You can see any decks in this picture but I will get some up shortly, but this is just the most exciting view to see every time I drive up to the house.


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