We have fire….or at least a fireplace

Every trip up to the house is like a new Christmas morning, I get that giddy feeling inside waiting to see what has been done. Today was a very exciting day as the fire was being fitted. This has been a long-winded process as I originally wanted an open fire but was vetoed by both Justin and Dad. So I then found my dream compromise, I wanted the clean no fuss look that gas fires have but was worried about the heat output in the large room, what I managed to find was a beautiful flat, wall mounted log burner.  Can you tell I’m a little excited about this?

Anyway when I got up there today it was partially installed and I am so pleased, it looks great! The photo on the left is from my currently imaginary kitchen sink, the one on the right is the fire sitting in its hebel house. Plus two little wags sniffing around it all. This is going to look great once its all clad, plastered and painted black!


Also looking great is the cladding in the Florida room, I am very proud of my handyman Justin! IMG_4284  IMG_4283

Every trip to the house has a compulsory plant watering session, this maple is the only non native that we are planting around the pond. One day I hope it is a gorgeous little native gully full of birdsong. (The natives are all behind/beside me)


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