Baby onboard

I can honestly say that moving house with a little person has to be one of the most challenging things. Especially as 99% of our belongings went into storage while we are staying in a furnished house to prevent having to double shift everything. In the usual style that we roll (which is here, there and everywhere all at once) we moved up, had a week here, went back down to Christchurch to finish up a spec house and then Justin flew out to France while the dogs and I missioned back up.

I can say though that Luca is taking it all in his stride. He has even been helping out with jobs like putting up Ply and planting trees.


For those of you who want little Luca updates I got this lovely collection from mum the other day


One thought on “Baby onboard

  1. Yay you – fantastic progress and haha yes I thought when I saw it – just like a Facebook replacement but yes a great journal and diary ❤️ X


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