And it begins…

I have made a stand and decided that I won’t use Facebook, which seems rather ridiculous now that I am sharing our life on a Blog, but que sera, sera.

I must make a few disclaimers, firstly, being the hermit that I am at times, I have no idea what blogging etiquettes are so I will make my own up as I go along, secondly English was never a strength at school so I apologise in advance.

Well isn’t it a funny old life, when I look back on the year that has been I can’t believe:

  1. That we have a baby boy
  2. How quickly it has gone by (don’t you hate when everyone says that)
  3. All that we have done in the year
  4. That Christmas is already being shoved in our faces everywhere
  5. That we have a baby boy

For me it seems like we were talking about eventually building a house in Blenheim and moving up there, and now crashbangwallop here we are freshly moved into the little vineyard town and counting down the weeks until we can be in our house. If I am struggling to keep up with our movements, no wonder our family and friends are baffled.

My plan is for this blog to share with you our adventure of building our house, our new escapades of living in the country and then our upcoming explorations abroad.

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